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Construction Management Services

Construction Management Services

You are about to undertake the building of a custom home, and this can surely be a bit overwhelming if you do not have construction experience. Securing building construction management services will pay off tenfold in terms of keeping the project on time, on budget, and the most important of all, keeping your stress level low. We are the best among other construction consulting companies and try to provide satisfactory services to our clients.

Do I Need Building Construction Management Services?

The number one benefit is that you have someone else to serve as a buffer between you and your contractors. More importantly, having managed construction projects allows you to bring in an experienced manager that will have your best interests as his or her top priority.

Benefits of Using Managed Construction Services

Some of the key benefits of having managed construction projects are:

Higher Quality Output When using managed construction services, you will have someone to oversee the entire the project for you. He or she will have the overall control, while you will still have the final say if you wish. Because of the authority you are handing over to this individual, it is important that he or she shares the same vision you have for your project. Improved Coordination For some homeowners, this is the number one benefit of having managed construction projects. Rather than relying on the lead contractor for all coordination, you have someone on your side that will work hand-in-hand with the contractor to coordinate all aspects of the build. When there are problems during the build, and there will be problems, this individual will work through the problems to ensure the build continues to stay on scheduled as much as possible. Specialized Expertise Depending upon the size and scope of the project, more specialized help will be needed to oversee certain aspects of the build. If that is the case, the project manager will hire this individual and communicate directly with that individual as well as the contractor. Reduced Costs This is something that we always seem to come back to. When challenges arise, the key to keeping the project on schedule is being able to redo scheduling if possible to keep the flow of the project. There will also be times when the construction manager can save money during the bidding process as well as the procurement stage. An experience construction project manager can also chime in regarding certain construction methods that could save time and shave costs off the overall project. Smoother Operation This just encompasses all the points that we have discussed to this point. By keeping a constant eye on the project with direct oversight, your project manager will be able to keep the entire project running smoothly. You would be amazed at how quickly a squabble between contractors or a shortage of supplies can derail a new home construction project. In most cases, our team has dealt with these problems before and we have a very good idea on how to develop a game plan to work our way through the problem and keep the project on time. The bottom line here is that you need to decide if you want a true expert in your corner, with your interests at the top of his or her agenda, running the project or not. We all know how difficult it can be to work a full-time job and just manage our everyday tasks. So, imagine throwing a massive construction project on top of that. If you do not have construction experience, you can see how much more challenging this would become. The peace of mind alone is often why people choose managed construction projects rather than taking on the project on their own.

Understanding Residential Construction Management

In the construction industry, a common term is construction manager. In fact, project management is referred to in many industries. This is the individual or firm responsible for oversight of the entire “job.” We want you to think of residential construction management in those terms. Once the parameters of the project are set, it is our job to take over every aspect of the construction project through completion.

What Does a Residential Construction Project Manager Do?

In a nutshell… everything. You will not be removed entirely from the construction process, but your interaction should be minimal after the initial meetings. As project manager, our job is to literally make your vision come to life. This initial “consultation” period is key, as you communicate your vision to the project manager. It is then our job to work out the feasibility of turning those dreams into reality with the budget or to propose alternatives so that you can remain within your budget through the completion of the project. From that point forward, it is our job to negotiate costs, budgeting, hiring, scheduling, and make day-to-day decisions on the home’s construction. Communication will be essential with the homeowners from that point forward. As we noted above, you will not have to be involved in every decision, but you will still want to be informed about progress as well as apprised of any challenges that arise (and there are always challenges).

Your Residential Construction Project Manager Traits:

Construction Management

Some of the key services that will be provided:


Do I Need to Hire a Residential Construction Project Manager?

Only one question needs to be answered to make this decision: do you have the time for another full-time job? Organizing and keeping all the work on schedule is a demanding, stressful, full-time job. There will likely be close to a dozen different companies and/or contractors working on the project’s construction, and all their schedules will have to be timed perfectly.

You should also consider just how much construction knowledge you have when deciding if you want to take on this project on your own. The project manager faces dozens of real-time questions every day that could impact other aspects of the construction. A wrong calculation or decision and the entire project can be derailed.

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