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Residential Construction Management Services

Everything You Need to Know About Managed Residential Construction Services

For most people, having your dream home built is the pinnacle of success. You finally get to craft a custom home just the way you want it. There is also the challenge that most people do not have the construction experience to be able to oversee the project on their own. Residential construction management services can help, offering various levels of service depending upon how much help you need with your build.

Types of Residential Construction Management Services

At Better Build Now, we offer three primary services for our customers. Two of those services are focused on the actual build process. The third service, residential construction defect, is focused on problems that may have surfaced during the construction of the home that lead to possible litigation.

Residential Construction Consultant

A new home is more than likely the largest investment you will ever make. You want to make sure the project goes off without a hitch. Even if you have some experience in the construction field, having an extra set of eyes and someone with the proper tools and experience in all levels of the home construction process to help you along the way is a huge benefit.

Some of the key areas where a construction consultant can help are:

While a consultant is not on the project site at all times, he or she will be available to discuss any problems that may arise. This is more for individuals that prefer to have some involvement in the construction process, but still need a guiding hand throughout the process.

Residential Project Management

For those without construction experience or that simply do not have the time to directly oversee the project, this would be the better service. Taking on a home construction project on your own can be very overwhelming. Hiring a residential project management service takes all the stress off the homeowner.

The project manager will oversee the project directly as your representative. For this reason, you really want to make sure he or she is on the same page with you regarding your “vision” for the home. In addition to being your representative on the construction site, you have someone else to help solve challenges that will arise during the construction process.

This is where experience comes into play. How would you handle a situation when the electrician was able to get certain parts that needed to be in place before the dry wall crew could close up the wall? Would the entire project come to a halt or would you be able to schedule something else to fill the void and keep the project on schedule? How would you resolve a situation where your main contractor had a conflict with one of the subcontracting crews?

These are all the types of situations where your project manager can jump in on your behalf and solve the problem rather than allowing it to knock your build off schedule or drive it over budget.

Some of the other key services that are offered by a residential project management service are:

As you can see, while you will still obviously have input in the construction project, this level of managed residential construction services is about as hands off as it can get for a homeowner.

Residential Construction Defect Services

While everyone on a construction build will work to make sure the project is a success, there will be times construction defects arise. These issues generally create significant delays and costly repairs to the project. As the homeowner, you obviously do not want to pay for these overages. The contractor may have a different impression of the issue, so they will not want to pay for the “fix” either. Our team can help work through these issues to bring the problem to a resolution that will satisfy everyone.

Some reasons “defects” occur are:

When these problems do arise, our team will work to find out the root causes of the issues to come to a resolution. Our team breaks down the project from start to finish that will look at supplies, the design, the systems that were put in place during the construction, sequencing of the installation, and best practices used during the build.

Our team will investigate the defect, then report back with the root cause of the problem. Additionally, we will create a damages analysis. A course of action will be presented to resolve the defect as well as estimated costs for the proposed solution and all corrective actions that need to be taken to fix the defect.

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