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Residential Construction Consulting Services

Residential Construction Consulting & Residential Construction Consulting Services

Residential Construction Consulting Services for Your Custom Home Building Project

When you are using Better Build Now residential construction consulting services, you have the benefit of procuring the collective experience of our entire team. Your actual project manager or construction consultant may have two decades of experience in this field, but he or she is also benefitting from the other team members they work with on a daily basis.

If you are being honest, even if you have some handyman experience, you probably have little if any experience in running larger projects, such as a complete home build from the ground up. Between permitting, contracts, procurement, final approval of the build, and everything in between, you will have a skilled professional by your side, with your interests in mind, throughout the entire process.

Now, we realize securing residential construction consulting is not a decision to take lightly. Just like your home, this is a large financial decision. However, we often find that our team of professionals are able to offset some of those costs in savings during the construction process. They are worth their weight in gold if there happens to be conflict or a scheduling issue during the project.

It only takes one problem that is not quickly addressed to completely derail the entire project. Our team has seen just about every challenge that can arise during a custom build, so you can rest assured will have a game plan in place to keep the build on budget and on time if you are using our residential construction consulting services.

Choosing the Right Residential Construction Consulting Company

First and foremost, you need to make sure you that you are on the same page as your construction manager. Remember, this individual is going to be your representative on the site, so your vision must his vision. During the early stages of the planning, you also want someone that will be honest in terms of your vision being realistic with your budget. If not, they can make reasonable changes to the project that will help keep it in line with the original budget without making major changes to what you had envisioned when you first started.

At Better Build Now, we currently offer three different residential construction consulting services to our clients. They are:

When you are look at our first two services, the biggest different there is going to be your level of involvement in the project. At both levels of service, you will be provided with, among other services:

Consulting services may be more appropriate for someone that can dedicate significant time to the project but needs a mentor to help them navigate the waters. Keep in mind, however, that as a consultant, while we will be on site occasionally, this is not considered to be direct oversight of the project, as would be the case with a residential construction project manager.

The benefit of having an on-site manager is that when challenges do surface, and they will, there is someone there with the tools and knowledge to address the problem immediately. Some of the more common challenges builds face are weather and supply chain issues. During the early stages, there may not be much that can be done regarding bad weather, however, as the project progresses, the schedule could be juggled with different contractors to ensure the project stays as close to on-schedule as possible. The same can be said for supply chain issues.

Of course, there are also conflicts that can arise, including issues between the general contractor and some of the subcontractors. Having a fresh voice to evaluate the situation, de-escalate, and contribute to the solution can be invaluable for a new home construction project.

Construction defect services is a service we offer when a project goes sideways. This is a litigious situation, although it will not always end up in the courtroom. These are problem that will arise due to:

When these challenges arise, you want someone in you corner that can dissect the problem as well as come up with a reasonable solution which is acceptable to all parties involved. This will also help to put a dollar value on the defect as well as the fix. On most occasions, these cases go before a mediator and the parties are able to come to a reasonable solution. After all, the builder does not want an abandoned build in his record and you, as the homeowner, obviously want the project completed so you can move into your home.

If you are interesting learning more about our residential construction consulting services, give us a call at 888-402-4180. You are under no obligation to use our services but we are confident that once you talk to us, you will realize that Better Build Now is the solution to your construction management needs.

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